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This is a nice cooking game with Tessa! Today Tessa's going to prepare kebab, a Turkish dish with lamb. Will you join her? In this cooking game you learn exactly how to prepare this dish. You need the following ingredients:
- 1 kg minced lamb meat - 2 tsp black pepper - 2 tsp red pepper - 1 tbs salt - 1 tbs tomato purée - half a bunch of parsley - 1 onion - 3 slices of white bread - half a glass of milk - 1 egg.
You use these ingredients in the following way: Tear a bread into small pieces and put it in a bowl. Pour the milk into a bowl and knead the bread and the milk. Fill another bowl with the minced meat. Cut the parsley and the onion into small pieces. Put this, together with the black pepper, red pepper, salt and tomato purée in the bowl filled with minced meat. Add the egg and the bread mixture to the minced meat. Knead well. Take a piece of the minced meat and knead it into a long and thick shape. Put a long satay stick through it, lengthwise. Repeat until there's no minced meat left. Put the sticks on the grill until they're done.
Control: Use the mouse to play this kitchen game.

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