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This is a nice cooking game with Tessa! Today Tessa's going to prepare crępes Suzette, a kind of thin, French flapjacks with orange liquor. Will you join her? In this cooking game you learn exactly how to prepare this dish. You need the following ingredients:
- 3 eggs - 8 g vanilla sugar (1 packing) - 120 g flour, sieved - 200 ml milk - 300 ml fresh orange juice - 50 ml lemon juice - 125 g brown sugar - 60 g butter - 4 tbs orange liquor - salt - 80 ml water.
You use these ingredients in the following way: Split up 1 egg, keep the yolk and throw away the egg white. Add the vanilla sugar and a pinch of salt to the flour and mix it. Make a hole in the middle and fill it with two eggs and the egg yolk. Add the milk and 80 ml water while stirring. Mix it with a whisk until you get a smooth mixture. Cover the bowl and put the batter into the fridge for one hour. Bring the orange juice, the lemon juice and the brown sugar to the boil in a pan. Let it cook for 8-10 minutes until you obtain a creamy sauce. Then let it cool down. Melt 30 g butter and stir it through the batter. Heat a frying pan and heat a pat of butter. Cover the bottom of the pan with a thin layer of crępes batter. Bake both sides of the crępe until they're golden brown. Put the crępe on a plate and bake 7 more crępes this way. Heat the orange-lemon sauce in the frying pan on a low fire. Fold the crępes in four and lay them in the sauce one after another. Make sure the crępes have been completely covered with sauce. Pour the orange liquor in a big soup ladle. Put a flame to the liquor. Pour the burning liquor over the crępes and serve immediately.
Control: Use the mouse to play this kitchen game.

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