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This is a fun game where you have to make groups of at least three similar buttons to delete them. Launch the buttons, and make them stick against an identical button. Stop the buttons from reaching the bottom of the window! or else you'll have to restart your level. The more buttons you delete, the further the meter gets filled! Try to hit all the multipliers: they'll give you quite a big bonus score. There are two bonus games that allow you to score bonus points: in the first mini game, buttons bounce into the field, coming from the right. Try to shoot identical buttons against them for an extra high score. In the second mini game you have to free a princess by throwing bombs at the surrounding buttons. You can play twenty challenging levels in total! Challenge your friends by posting your highscore and add the game to your Facebook page, so that your friends can play this fun game, too.
Control: Use the mouse cursor to aim; click to launch a button.

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